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Learn how to use the free pptPlex add-in to create custom PowerPoint presentations.

pptPlex is a cool free add-in for PowerPoint that lets you make presentations that don’t follow a linear path. You can find the download for PowerPoint 2007 & 2010 at

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Here I’ll show you how to get started configuring and presenting PowerPoint presentations with pptPlex.

What it does

pptPlex is a way to show a PowerPoint presentation in a nonlinear way. Instead of presenting one slide after the other rule you get an interface that is more interactive and more exciting than the regular presentation options that you’ll be familiar with using.

To get started, download and install pptPlex. Once installed, launch PowerPoint and the application will appear as a tab on the Ribbon.

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Working with PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010, open a presentation and select the Home tab on the ribbon. Select the first slide in the presentation and click Section > Add Section. This adds a section to your slideshow.

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Right click the section and give it a name – as this name will be used for this section inside the final presentation, make it descriptive of the content visible in the next few slides in the presentation.

Working with PowerPoint 2007

If you’re using PowerPoint 2007, you’ll need to add sections to your presentation using the tool on the pptPlex tab – because sections are not a feature of PowerPoint 2007.

In the case of PowerPoint 2007 sections are slides so you will need to fill in the section details on the slide. In addition, these new sections are added immediately after a selected slide so you may need to reposition the section slides once you’ve added them.

In PowerPoint 2010 & 2007

Continue and work through your slideshow adding sections every 3-5 slides making sure to name these sections so they describe the slides that follow. Once you’re done, switch to the pptPlex tab to continue.

Add a background image

Once you’ve added the sections to your presentation, choose Canvas Background from the pptPlex tab and select a canvas background to use. For example, select the waves option and you will see a slide appear in your presentation and each box on the canvas represents one section from your presentation.

powerpoint plex 4

Fine tune your design

To recolor the background select each item on it individually and click the Format tab and change its colour or style.

powerpoint plex 5

Any extra sections that appear in the canvas that you do not have in your presentation can be removed by selecting and deleting them.

powerpoint plex6

Arrange the remaining section boxes on the canvas in the way you want them to appear.

Type the presentation title and subtitle where the prompts for these appear in the canvas. Save your presentation and you’re ready to test the result.

powerpoint plex 7

Make your presentation with pptPlex

To view the presentation, click the From Overview button. The presentation will appear on the screen at full size and you’ll see the sections and the slides in them. When using pptPlex, animations and transitions won’t be visible because you’ll navigate your presentation a different way.

powerpoint plex8

Press the right arrow key to go to the first section and keep pressing it to move through the slides in that section. If you continue to press the right arrow key, you’ll move automatically to the next section and view those slides. Press the Left or Up Arrow key to move backwards.

powerpoint plex 9

When you’re viewing a slide, double click it zoom into it – you can do this multiple times. Right click on the slide to zoom back out to viewing the entire slideshow. You can also zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. Using pptPlex you can navigate your presentation in ways that hitherto have not been possible.

powerpoint plex 10



We’ve recently made a video tutorial if you’d like a walkthrough on PowerPoint pptPlex.

You can check out all our video tutorials on our YouTube channel

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