ClipArt in Office 2007 and 2010

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How to use the Microsoft Clip Organizer and some handy things to add to it.

Since the early days of Microsoft Office, there has always been a tool for finding and using clip art in your documents, worksheets and presentations. While the clip art that comes with the Microsoft Office suite may not be to your taste, there are other ways that you can use the clip organizer to speed up your work. In this column, I’ll show you some techniques for working with your clip organizer in Office 2007 and 2010.

Finding the Clip Organizer

In Office 2010, the direct link from inside Office applications to the Clip Organizer has been removed. In previous versions when you choose Insert > Clip Art you find an Organize Clips option at the foot of the task pane. This no longer appears in any Office 2010 application.

Instead, to access the Clip Organizer you’ll choose Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office 2010 Tools and then click the Microsoft Clip Organizer option. This opens the Microsoft Clip Organizer. Here you will find clips that you have downloaded as well as links to Office and web clip art collections.

find clip art organizer

Find and download free Microsoft clip art

You can add additional images to your clip art collection from the web. To do this visit and type a description of the image to search for in the search bar and click to find matching images.

free web clip art

If you click Download, the image will download as an image file and will not be automatically added to your clip art collection. You must then add the image to your clip art organizer. To do this, from in the Clip Organizer, choose File > Add Clips to Organizer > On My Own and then brows to where the image is stored – typically your Downloads folder. Select the image and double click it. It will appear in the Organizer.

Click it and click the down pointing arrow and choose Preview/Properties. Here you can edit its keywords and move images to other collections if desired.

previewing clip art

Add a signature or logo as Clip Art

One handy way to use your clipart collection is to add images such as a scanned version of your signature or your company logo or any other image which you use often in your work. When you do this, you can easily add the image to a document using the Insert > Clip Art option and you don’t have to search for it on disk.

To add the scanned image to the Clip Organizer, choose File > Add Clips to Organizer > On My Own. Browse to find the clip to add to the organizer. Select it and click Add To to select a collection to add the clipart to or create a new one.

import an image into a collection

Click Add to add the image to the selected collection. Click on the collection and click the dropdown list opposite the clip and choose Edit Keywords. Add keywords to help identify the image and remove any which are not relevant.

adding keywords

Add a clip art image to a Word document

Once the image is in your clipart collection, in any Office application choose Insert > Clip Art, type a keyword to search for and click Go. When the image is returned as a match click it to insert it into your document.

find a stored image

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